WASHINGTON, DC, November 5, 2008 - FierceVoIP (www.fiercevoip.com) today announced its Fierce 15 list of the top VoIP companies of 2008. A widely anticipated industry tradition, the Fierce 15 heralds industry leaders that have made an impact on the VoIP market. Winners were selected across the entire spectrum of the VoIP landscape.


The editorial team at FierceVoIP, led by Doug Mohney, Editor-in-Chief, evaluated numerous companies based on factors including executive leadership, new customer announcements, product launches, partnerships forged, acquisitions, and overall business strategy. In order to be considered for the award, companies must also be privately held.


"We have bold and innovative companies represented from nearly every corner of the telecommunications ecosystem: hardware, software, open source, mobile UC/FMC, applications, service providers, and security," said Mohney. "As the convergence of technology continues to evolve, IP communications continues to strengthen itself and companies such as these we are honoring today will remain as leaders in the industry."


The 2008 FierceVoIP Fierce 15 winners are:

  1. Dialogic (Montreal, Canada)
  2. Digium (Huntsville, AL)
  3. Divitas Networks (Mountain View, CA)
  4. Fonality (Los Angeles, CA)
  5. Fonolo (Toronto, Canada)
  6. GENBAND (Plano, TX)
  7. Ifbyphone (Skokie, IL)
  8. Jajah (Mountain View, CA)
  9. LumenVox (San Diego, CA)
  10. MetaSwitch (Alameda, CA)
  11. OnRelay (London, Great Britain)
  12. Pactolus (Marlborough, MA)
  13. SimpleSignal (Dana Point, CA)
  14. Sipera Systems (Richardson, TX)
  15. TruPhone (London, Great Britain)

A profile of each winning company is available on the FierceVoIP Web site at: http://www.fiercevoip.com/special-reports/fiercevoips-fierce-15


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