WASHINGTON, DC, October 1, 2008 -- FierceMarkets (http://www.fiercemarkets.com) today announced the integration of America's Network with its leading digital publication covering the telecom industry, FierceTelecom.

Both titles are owned by FierceMarkets' parent company, Questex Media Group, which acquired FierceMarkets in January 2008.


The merger comes with enhanced benefits for former America's Network readers. Subscribers will now receive the FierceTelecom daily newsletter, giving them access to the latest news and industry developments. Other benefits for former America's Network readers include:

"We are thrilled to bring America's Network into the Fierce family," said Jeff Giesea, President of FierceMarkets. "Our goal is to make FierceTelecom the No.1 resource for leading telecom executives, and we are thrilled to serve former readers and advertisers of America's Network."


Both sets of advertisers will benefit from the enhanced list quality and size that the merger brings. FierceTelecom currently has 24,000 subscribers.


"We are thrilled to see FierceTelecom carry the torch of America's Network," added Kerry Gumas, Questex Media's President and CEO. "I'm confidant that this is a win for everyone-especially the readers. Former America's Network readers are going to be blown away by the top quality content Fierce delivers. And our advertiser base will reap additional benefits."


Visit www.fiercetelecom.com to sign-up for a free subscription to FierceTelecom.


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