Government Publications


Our trio of government publications focuses on the unique needs of the IT decision-maker within the Federal sector. Covering topics from cybersecurity, cloud computing, and government 2.0 to issues of transparency, collaboration, and security, the editorial teams touch on the impact of new technology developments on everything from elections to military operations to administration.

Audience: CIOs, CTOs and Senior IT managers within the Federal Government and Systems Integrators who operate within government agencies.
Key Topics: IT in government agencies, cybersecurity, cloud computing, defense IT, open government, COOP/telework, government 2.0
Newsletter Frequency: Thrice Weekly
Email Subscribers: 23,500+
Monthly page views: 45,000
Audience: Senior executives at the Federal and State & Local levels of government who are concerned with transparency, change and collaboration issues in the public sector.
Key Topics: Collaboration, Open Government, "Government 2.0," Transparency, Telework
Newsletter Frequency: Four Times a Week
Email Subscribers: 13,500+
Monthly page views: 33,000
Audience: Public officials and First Responders at the Federal and State & Local levels of government who are concerned with the many aspects of Homeland Security.
Key Topics: Issues of concern to government security officials including those in the Military, Federal Government, and within State and Local governments as well
Newsletter Frequency: Twice Weekly
Email Subscribers: 13,000+
Monthly page views: 27,000
Audience: Senior executives at the Federal, State and local levels of government
Key Topics: Mobility Issues, security, BYOD, Collaboration, Telework, Content Delivery
Newsletter Frequency: Weekly
Email Subscribers: 11,000+
Monthly page views: 10,000
Newsletter Frequency: Twice Weekly
Key Topics: Cloud, Mobility, Collaboration & Info Sharing, Cybersecurity, Oversight & Anti-Fraud,Networks, Datacenters & Infrastructure,Military & Veterans,Health Exchanges,Research
Newsletter Frequency: Weekly
Email Subscribers: 1000+