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The FierceMarkets Enterprise IT group gives you access to a well-segmented audience of IT professionals. FierceCIO focuses on leadership and management issues while its sister publication, FierceCIO:TechWatch provides breaking news on the latest hardware and software. FierceMobileIT follows the trends in enterprise mobility, with particular emphasis on smartphones and tablet computing. FierceContentManagement follows and predicts the trends in web and enterprise content management, enterprise search, social media, analytics, and collaboration.

Audience: CIOs, CTOs and Senior IT managers who make decisions about IT buying for their enterprise companies.
Key Topics: IT best practices, business intelligence, IT security
Newsletter Frequency: Daily
Email Subscribers: 40,000+
Monthly page views: 19,000
Audience: Enterprise IT senior managers interested in deploying mobile or wireless technology in their enterprises.
Key Topics: Mobile devices, wireless technology, mobile enterprise
Newsletter Frequency: Daily
Email Subscribers: 55,000+
Monthly page views: 72,000
Audience: Enterprise IT decision-makers deploying communications solutions, hardware and software resellers, integrators, and consultants
Key Topics: Developments in IP communications including unified communications, fixed-mobile convergence, call center integration, testing & security
Newsletter Frequency: Twice Weekly
Email Subscribers: 30,000+
Monthly page views: 27,000
Key Topics: Enterprise content management, enterprise 2.0, web content management
Newsletter Frequency: Weekly
Email Subscribers: 20,000+
Monthly page views: 17,000
Audience: CEOs, marketing executives, and IT leaders at enterprises in the telecom, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, government and other industries.
Key Topics: B.I., Analytics, Visualization, Data Infrastructure, Data Management, Data Security, Careers in Big Data
Newsletter Frequency: Twice Weekly
Email Subscribers: 19,000
Monthly page views: 20,000
Audience: Chief Information Security Officers, CIOs, security managers and administrators, networking and IT professionals.
Key Topics: Malware, hackers, data breaches and cybercrime; industry trends; practical strategies for security professionals and how-tos for defending enterprise networks, applications and intellectual property.
Newsletter Frequency: Twice Weekly
Email Subscribers: 8,500+
Monthly page views: 6,000+
Newsletter Frequency: Thrice Weekly
Email Subscribers: 34,000
Monthly page views: 40,000