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FierceMarkets = Business media unbound


At FierceMarkets, our mission is as clear today as it was at our founding in 2000: be the first place to turn to for information-hungry executives in dynamic industries and a trusted partner for the marketing teams that need to reach them. Back then, we saw the coming power of blogs, web journalism, digital marketing and email communications, and launched our first email newsletter, FierceWireless, to begin fulfilling that mission for the mobile telecommunications industry.

Today, our family of over 100 email newsletter publications and websites carries out that same mission for many more industries and millions of users, while we also evolve to address the latest trends in digital media -- mobile devices, social media, native advertising and content marketing. Regardless of what the next trend may be, however, we remain fiercely committed to independent insights for our readers and marketing success for our customers.

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Everybody follows what’s happening. FierceMarkets knows what it means.


Nearly three million industry professionals turn here all year because they know there’s more to every story, and they can’t afford to wait for some other source to figure it out.


Their business advantage, your marketing advantage, is Fierce.


In eight global industries that generate more than $20 trillion in annual revenues, Fierce brings clarity and confidence to the market conversation. Our portfolio of business media products and services features 100+ digital publications and websites (more than 1,000 stories a week!), plus a suite of targeted webinars, e-books, directories and face-to-face events — all vital, trusted sources of news, information, insight and analysis.


That’s right, analysis. Judgment. A point-of-view. We can express an opinion because Fierce media is produced by Fierce people, not data-crunching robots. Our editors are tenacious, hands-on experts in the segments they cover. They bring genuine passion to the practice of journalism, and have no tolerance for the algorithm-driven “scrape” that passes for “content” these days.


We don’t play favorites, but we are unabashed advocates for the industries we serve. We’re proud to recognize the innovation, integrity, leadership and tough decisions that move our markets forward. Likewise, when something’s not right, Fierce brings it to light.





Sound like a good place for your marketing? Great, because we can put you right in the middle of it, front and center and on the go with thousands of readers and thought leaders whose decisions make a difference every day.


From the corner office to every corner of the marketplace, Fierce content informs those decisions, independent of any special interests. So take advantage of our access and influence to strengthen yours. After all, marketing is a numbers game that requires targeting and broad reach. Whether you’re building your brand or your database (you’re doing both, right?) you can never know too many decision-makers.


Fierce is your hedge against uncertainty and waste. Our relentless focus on connecting you with the right people — in niche vertical markets or horizontal cross-sections of multiple industries — ensures your advertising and marketing will always find a highly engaged and qualified audience here.


We can’t predict exactly when or where or even who may ultimately make the decision to do business with you (though we have a good idea). But we can absolutely minimize your risk and maximize the odds that when it’s time to choose, they’ll choose you.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Hold us accountable.


From the instant you ask, Fierce is your active business partner, invested every step of the way in the ongoing process of your success.


Our approach is fundamentally collaborative because while great minds may think alike, they don’t always know the same stuff. Whether you’re looking to position your brand as a thought leader, gain insights about market behaviors or generate leads for a new product launch, our team first takes the time to learn about your business, so we can help you take full advantage of ours.


From discreet tactical placements to integrated multi-channel campaigns, the FierceMarkets business media portfolio offers all kinds of ways for you to get your message in front of our audience. Consider e-news for fast impact, websites for a wider scope, webinars for concentration, e-books for the deeper dive and events to put a face-to-face on it all.


Each of our media platforms features multiple ways to present your story. Content sponsorships and display advertising put you in an editorial context. Content marketing and custom media give you license to create your own message environment. Brainstorm with us to create the most effective mix of content, platform and positioning to make sure your voice is heard.


Together, we’ll also figure out measurable performance goals for each element in your program so you can assess the value of different marketing components separately as stand-alone tactics, and connected as a unified, integrated campaign system. This way you can budget for the return on your investment before you invest, and have a benchmark for subsequent campaign performance reports.


Buy a whole campaign at once — an approach that gives you a speed-to-market advantage, greater market impact and a faster ROI — or one tactical step at a time, adding components as you build momentum and hit the threshold goals you set for success.


However you choose to use us, FierceMarkets is committed to delivering the resounding market impact your business demands. Results you can feel — on time on target and on budget — over and over again.

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